Consistent & Transparent

Risk-informed, digitally managed

Achieve risk-informed management of your dam with the core functions of RAMP including dynamic risk assessment and digital dam data management on a secure, cloud-based platform.

Compatible with

Data Management

Manage all dam data in a live, secure environment as a Digital Dam Data Book.

Efficient & Effective

Risk Assessment & Management

Steady-State: Undrained
Typical Iron Ore TSF: 2.72e-6
Rockfill Waterfill Dam: 3.12e-8
Earthfill Water Dam: 1.27e-6

FMEA & Critical controls

Analyse failure modes, assess critical controls

Risk reduction scenarios

Implement true risk-informed decision making

Achieve compliance, automate data

Getting started

Onboarding to

Customised set-up and integration is available to seamlessly introduce RAMP into your existing facility governance, risk and monitoring applications. Once set-up, populate the data for your facilities into RAMP and start seeing the risk-management benefits.


Your organisational details (terminology, risk tolerability criteria, access privileges) with special customisation/integration if desired


- Review asset
- Review previous actions status
- Populate database


- Review results against tolerability criteria
- Interrogate failure modes & critical controls ratings
- Identify knowledge gaps and areas for improvement


- Run risk reduction scenarios
- Scope up risk reduction activities


Develop risk reduction plan with risk-informed decision making incorporating ALARP/SFAIRP principles

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